Engraved Copper Bottle - 1ltr

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Capacty - 1ltr

Design - Engraved bottle

Finish - Shining and laquor finish.

Type-Jointless and leak proof

BRAND NAME - Magizh Copper is India's one the most trusted brands. We are based out of Chennai.
COPPER QUALITY - We use 99% pure copper inside and outside compare to other Copper bottles having just 90% or even less Copper.
LEAK PROOF & JOINT LESS - Our thread of the lid is made very specially so the lid can be opened and closed perfectly. We use silicon washer for Leak proof, silicon washer is not in contact with water by any means. It is complete safe to drink. You can take the bottle during any of your travel with no fear of leaking issue.

HEALTH BENEFITS - Get the benefit of copper by storing water in it for at least 4 hours. Slows down aging. Keeps the Digestive system Healthy. Kills Harmful bacteria from water. Aids in weight loss. Boosts Heart Health. Regulates Thyroid Gland. Beats Anemia. Helps in Bone Strength. Helps in Stimulating Brain.

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