Magizh Beeswax homemade natural soap - Kasthuri manjal

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Product - Natural soap

Flavour - Kasturi manjal

Pack contains - 3 soaps

Beeswax :
  • Beeswax is produced naturally by honeybees. The hive workers collects the honey comb and honey from wild location, it is also now been cultivated by set up at farms. Beeswax is also used a alternative.
  • Beeswax is edible, Beeswax is used first as the first plastic, as a lubricant and waterproofing agent and wax is used for polishing wood, leather and to make candles and other cosmetics like lip balm, soap, pain balm.
  • This soap is made of pure natural beeswax, honey, cold pressed coconut oil, vettiver and other herbals.
  • This soap contains no chemical, hence no harmful to any type of skin.
  • Beeswax soap keeps your body cool, soft and away from alergies.

Kasthuri manjal Benefits : 

  1. Helps in get rid of face hairs
  2. Protects from oily skin
  3. Get rid of dark circles
  4. Keeps your skin look younger
  5. Protects from skin tanning

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