Magizh earthen Clay terracotta natural water bottle (500ml)

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Material - Clay

Make - Made in India

Capacity - 500ml

Height -19cm

Width -9.2cm

Mouth - 2.9cm inner dia

Leak Proof - Yes

Cap - Cork stopper

Note- Measurement may slightly vary as it is 100% handmade pottery product. 

Our earthenware is made by skilled artisians with pure love and care. We started to make this beautiful product is to make a healthier lifestyle. This Magizh Clay bottle is made from pure clay without adding any artificial elements and it is pure natural product.

Clay products are porous by nature which helps in cooling water naturaly. These pots will not just give you cool water to drink but, will also provide you with the healing feature.

This clay bottle helps cooling the water naturally and 100% eco friendly. It makes the water more natural and gives you complete minerals.

The product is completely hand made with 100% non toxic materials.

We have used specially designed lid to avoid leakage.

Instruction - Once you receive our clay bottle soak in water over night and then wash it in normal water. Now bottle is ready for your regular use.

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