Wooden Foldable Pallanguli game with Cowrie Shells/ Chozhi

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  • Brand:   Magizh Handicrafts
  • Game Name:  Pallanguzhi
  • Material:   Ivory Wood
  • Ideal For:    Kids & Men & Women
  • Sales Package:    1 Piece of wooden pallanguzhi and cowrie shells(80 shells/Pieces)
  • Size :  14 holes, 7 at each sides. 
  • Game Type:    Traditional indoor Game

Ivory Wood :

Enjoy the safe play with our Ivory wood pallanguzhi which has 14 pits ( 7 on each side) crafted with a smooth finish.

Foldable Ivory wood Pallanguzhi is easy to carry and can be stored in any confined space.

Tamarind seed:

Pallaguzhi will be provided to you along with the required tamarind seed.  

Cowry shell, rajma seed, small stones, pebbles also can be used as counters.


  • Keeps your mind calm and attentive.
  • Kids will learn to count.
  • Makes Grandparents and kids spend time together.
  • Improves observation skills.
  • Enhances your concentration.
  • Increases memory power.
  • Best indoor game and mind game.

Game Manual:

  •  Pallanguzhi board has 14 pits, 7 on each side. The given tamarind seed needs to be placed 5 in each of these pits.
  • The first player must pick up the seeds from any of her/his pits and start moving anti-clockwise by placing one tamarind seed in each of the following pits.
  • When the player drops the last tamarind seed, he/she takes the seeds from the next pit and continues placing with that tamarind seeds.
  • If the last seed falls into a pit that has an empty cup following it, the tamarind seeds in the pit following that empty pit will be captured by that player.
  • But if the player last tamarind seed falls into a pit that has 2 empty pits following it, then she/he will not capture any seeds.
  • The first player turn will now over. The second player will similarly play the game.
  • The next round will start where the players take the tamarind seed from what they won in the previous rounds and fill as many of the pits as possible.
  • The turns will continue, and the winner will be the player who has more seeds.  

Wooden Foldable Pallanguli game with Cowrie Shells/ Chozhi